Championing the scale-up success of the UK’s fintech industry

14th September 2017

The global race is most definitely underway to become the fintech centre of the world. With more than £430 million invested in UK-based fintech companies in the first two quarters of 2017 alone, the UK stands in pole position to contend as a clean successor. KPMG recently outlined the ten determining factors that define our benchmark status in this arena, with government backing, homegrown expertise and private investment leading the charge. Investor appetite for opportunities in the country’s globally-renowned fintech sector has resulted in the UK ranking third in the world for fintech investment; over half a billion dollars were poured into British financial technology companies in the first half of 2017. You can read more on why 2017 marks a definitive year for this phenomenal growth sector here, in our latest report – 2017: The Year of UK Fintech.

IW Capital considers the fintech arena to be a leading pillar of strength for the UK economy.  With the Autumn budget announced for November 22nd, the critical role the sector’s body of high-growth scale-ups have and continue to play in progressing the UK private sector to be globally one of the most technologically advanced, is remarkable. WeSwap is the world’s first peer-to-peer travel money platform and one of the UK’s leading fintech scale-ups. Serving as its lead and primary investor, IW Capital has proudly been a supporter of WeSwap since 2014, involved from its early expansion through to the approaching milestone of £100 million in global transactions. In that same three-year period, WeSwap has grown its user-base dramatically, expanded the range of currencies that can be exchanged on its platform and cemented its position at the forefront of the country’s fintech revolution. As the company prepares for its Series B funding round next week, view the key milestones that have defined the progression of WeSwap’s remarkable growth story so far in our latest infographic.

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