For Companies – Debt

IW Capital is a firm believer in the long-term growth potential of Britain’s rapidly expanding community of scaling businesses. With over 50% of UK businesses failing within the first five years due to a debilitating lack of finance, we have been providing scaling SMEs with much needed capital to ensure they are well-positioned to meet their full investment potential.

Guided by an executive team with over 50 years’ collective experience in SME investment, our company portfolio is sector agnostic and spread across the UK. We have proudly supported the transformation of companies like WeSwap, Brewhouse&Kitchen and BorrowMyDoggy from early-stage companies into leading industry brands.

Our senior debt offering provides SMEs with the necessary capital to meet a variety of funding needs, including asset purchase, acquisition financing, development capital, debt refinancing and working capital. We focus on providing senior debt facilities within a range of £500,000 to £2,500,000. Borrowers are generally stable, mature businesses, with a demonstrable record of cash generation. We have a strong preference to lend to profitable businesses, but will consider younger businesses and turnarounds where we can see a clear route to profitability.

Portfolio Companies