For Investors

The UK boasts an expanding community of scaling SMEs driving private sector growth and revolutionising traditional industry practices. The opportunity to invest in these SMEs can often seem to many investors as a time-consuming and resource heavy process. With large private funds dominating the investment landscape, individual private investors can often find it difficult to access opportunities specifically tailored to their investment strategy.

With IW Capital research finding that 6.62 million UK investors believe that entrepreneurs will continue to play a critical role in driving private sector growth in 2021, we provide investors with access to some of the country’s leading investment opportunities.

By utilising our experience and contacts to originate opportunities, the team at IW Capital negotiate and professionally manage investments we believe will prove attractive for our network of client investors. This approach to negotiation provides access to some of the leading investment opportunities currently on offer in the UK, and is just one of the reasons why our network of investors is expanding rapidly.

IW Capital focuses on originating, structuring and leading tax-efficient investment through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) to the value of £1 million to £5 million. As a lead and engaged investor, IW Capital often provides supportive investment for growth companies in a series of funding rounds.

We professionally manage the whole process on behalf of investors, from originating the opportunity, through to post deal management and eventual exit. We also provide investors with regular reports on the investee companies and take an active role in managing the investors’ interests; we take pride in forging strong working relationships with the companies and investors from the outset.

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