How you can use the Enterprise Investment Scheme to raise money for your business

16th August 2018

How you can use the Enterprise Investment Scheme to raise money for your business

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is designed to help SMEs raise finance by offering a range of tax reliefs to investors who purchase new shares.

These include:

• 30% tax relief on up to £1 million per individual, for every £100,000 of investment the actual cost is £70,000 – this allowance can be carried back to the previous tax year to offset against income tax – i.e. a theoretical £2 million could be invested of which £1 million could be carried back to the last tax year – increasingly attractive because of increasing rates of tax and restrictions on pensions contributions

• No capital gains tax – provided the shares are held for a minimum of three years, there is no CGT due on the proceeds – if the shares are held for longer you will realise the full investment potential – shelters gains from CGT & potentially sheltering substantial capital gains

• Inheritance tax – after two years from the investment date EIS qualifying companies generally fall outside the estate for IHT purposes – potentially allows considerable assets to be preserved intact away from the 40% IHT

• Loss relief – if a share should become worthless, the loss could be offset against income tax

• CGT deferral relief – allows up to three-year-old capital gains tax to be rolled over into EIS qualifying companies and potentially be further reduced by other tax allowances over a period of time


• Focus is on investing £1 million to £2.5 million in growing businesses, strong preference to invest in profitable businesses, but we can back younger businesses and turnarounds where we can see a clear route to profitability

• We become supportive funding partners – we do not attempt to manage the business

• Funding is drawn from our own client base of successful entrepreneurs and investors meaning that our portfolio companies may be able to draw on the contacts and expertise of our client investors

• Structured investments to meet the needs of the investees, and provide tax-efficient investment opportunities – majority of our investments will be eligible for tax reliefs under the Enterprise Investment Scheme

• We negotiate and professionally manage investments which we believe will prove attractive to our network of high net-worth client investors

The Enterprise Investment Scheme at IW Capital is designed to raise funds for SMEs by offering a range of tax reliefs to potential investors. Many services offered under the EIS attract our vast portfolio of high net-worth client investors to provide finance for your business.

Although we prefer to invest in profitable businesses, with the right future plans and management team we can back younger businesses and turnarounds. Focusing on £1 million to £2.5 million investments in growing companies, we become supportive funding partners. A partnership is important to us, as our investments are secured through the power of your existing team and therefore we have no desire to attempt to manage your business.

By offering tax-efficient investment to our existing client investors, contacts and expertise within our portfolio can be used to the benefit of smaller investee companies. This ensures that your company is benefiting from not only tax-efficient finance, but industry knowledge from seasoned professionals.

Attracting investment is our core mode of business, and in order to do this we concentrate on the allowances certain businesses are eligible for. Benefits to our investors with companies within the EIS include a 30% tax relief on up to £1 million invested, no capital gains tax, relief on inheritance tax, loss relief, and CGT deferral relief. By ensuring these are available on investments to your company, financing your business is an attractive opportunity for the growth of the wealth of many of our clients.

By structuring the investments to meet the specific needs of the investees, it is ensured that the financing you receive is not only beneficial for the investors, but also meets your individual requirements. And because we specialise in high worth investments, the financing we secure for you within the scheme is guaranteed to be effective in ensuring growth.