IW Capital Announces the Launch of WeSwap’s Series B Funding Round

19th September 2017

This week, IW Capital is delighted to announce the launch of the Series B funding round for one of the UK’s brightest fintech talents: WeSwap.  

Since being founded in 2012, the world’s first peer-to-peer currency exchange platform has been revolutionising the way people change money, freeing them from inferior rates and excessive commission. As its lead and primary investor, IW Capital has been a proud supporter of WeSwap since 2014 – helping to see the company through its early expansion to the approaching milestone of £100 million in global transactions. In this same three-year period, WeSwap has grown its user-base dramatically, expanded the range of currencies that can be exchanged on its platform and cemented its position at the forefront of the country’s fintech revolution. You can find out more about the company’s impressive growth in our Story of WeSwap infographic 

The launch of WeSwap’s Series B funding round marks the next exciting step in the company’s growth story. Offering investors the opportunities to join this remarkable journey and invest in one of the UK’s brightest fintech talents, the funding round is open to members of our investor community, Access 42 – join today for your chance to invest in WeSwap, 

As well as being a longstanding member of the IW Capital investment portfolio, WeSwap is also a centrepiece of the UK’s fintech industry, which has flourished over recent years, with new and innovative companies emerging at a rapid pace to challenge traditional financial practices. Today, the sector contributes £7 billion to UK GDP and employs more than 60,000 people across the country. The strength and growth of the industry has made Britain a world-leader for financial technologies; over £430 million was invested in UK-based fintech firms in the first two quarters of 2017, more than any other European country.  

You can find out more about the remarkable growth of this technology market in IW Capital’s latest report – 2017: The Year of UK Fintech – which is available to members of our exclusive investor network, Access 42 

At the heart of the booming fintech industry are fast-growing scale-up companies led by digital disruptors keen to break away from the shackles of slow, cumbersome or expensive financial processes – WeSwap is a perfect example of this, which is why IW Capital has been such a keen supporter of the company’s progress for more than three years. 

For more information about WeSwap’s Series B funding round, how you can sign up to Access 42 or any of IW Capital’s other SME investment opportunities, contact a member of the team today on +44(0)20 7015 2250 or info@iwcapital.co.uk.