IW Capital completes c.£6 million buyout and growth equity investment into Olive Jar Digital 

17th March 2021

We are excited to announce our leveraged buyout and growth equity investment into Olive Jar Digital, which will facilitate the partial equity release to the founders and provide further growth capital for the business. This investment is focused on enabling the organic growth of the company through continued expansion into new segments in a growing market. IW Capital is pleased to continue to work with the founders that have built the business to its current position and have a clear strategy for the next stage of development.

Olive Jar Digital – founded in 2015 – is one of the UK’s fastest growing, award-winning digital consultancies, championing managed digital delivery services and the provision of expert talent. From expanding their network of associates and industry influencers, they have been successful in delivering projects for all sectors including government and retail, using their knowledge and experience in both Digital Transformation and Talent Acquisition to mobilise the right resources and team for client projects.

We aim to accelerate Olive Jar’s growth plans into the private market and allow the business to work on larger and more complicated projects, which will increase project margins and leverage the existing business to a new level.

At IW Capital we believe that now could be the perfect time invest into new up-and-coming businesses who have survived and pivoted the pandemic, showing true resilience and ability to adapt to difficult circumstances. Olive Jar has been a business that has truly thrived during the pandemic as they have helped companies from many different sectors in growing their credibility and overall brand identity online. This has been extremely important in the current climate as many companies have had to move their services online and use new digital platforms.

We feel very fortunate to be enabling the experienced Olive Jar founders who will continue to be involved in the day-to-day operations with existing clients and new customers. They have a clear strategy to grow and leverage the existing business to a new level, and we are proud to be a part of their growth and future plans.

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