IW Capital and Crowdfinders’ Research to Reveal British Business Funding Habits

28th October 2016

The success of Britain’s alternative finance industry has created a global benchmark for SME investment. In 2015, the market grew by a staggering 84% to £3.2 billion, helping to finance 254,721 businesses, individuals, projects and not-for-profits, as revealed by Pushing Boundaries: The 2015 UK Alternative Finance Industry Report. Despite alternative finance’s relative infancy, these figures reflect an industry that is proving to be a vital support structure for many scaling businesses in the UK.

The market has also democratised a world once reserved exclusively for banks, hedge funds, VCs and angels – in doing so it has helped empower investors eager to back the UK’s 5.5 million SMEs. However, despite opening the SME investment arena to the masses and creating additional opportunities for British business owners, is the alternative finance industry truly democratic for entrepreneurs and are they aware of their available options?

To gauge where Business-minded Britain would turn for financial support if they were to start or grow a business, IW Capital and sister company Crowdfinders have sampled over 2,000 UK adults to discover what routes to funding they would explore and whether they would rely on the institutions; lean on their friends and family; or turn to private investors to scale their venture.

The findings of this independent, nationally representative survey form the basis of our new report on business funding in Britain, and whether or not the alternative finance industry has truly captured the full length and breadth of entrepreneurial talent across the country.

Available exclusively to Access 42 members, this report also contains quotes from industry leaders offering their industry-leading insight on the future direction of alternative finance options in supporting scaling businesses.

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