IW Capital in the media

31st July 2018

This week it was announced that so far in 2018, UK fintech has attracted more investment than both Europe and the USA, despite the rapidly approaching Brexit deadline date. Luke Davis, CEO and founder of IW Capital, this week spoke to the Times about how Brexit – while important – is not the be-all and end-all for investors. Domestic issues – such as workers’ rights and regulatory issues – remain high on their list of priorities.

IW Capital was also featured in the Daily Express this week, following the launch of their industry-first data analysing the UK’s approach to cryptocurrency. The data revealed that a staggering 38 percent – almost 20 million Brits – do not “understand” cryptocurrency, with only 5 percent seeking financial advice before investing in them. This is Money, the money section of the Daily Mail, also remarked on the data stating that “IW Capital estimates that 2.5million Britons may have casually invested in cryptocurrency without fully understanding the investment”

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