IW Capital in the press

9th August 2018

With the popularity of cryptocurrency and the ‘bitcoin boom,’ it seemed a poignant time to discuss these terms as investments. In a piece of research commissioned by us, we found that 38% of Britons had no knowledge of cryptocurrency whatsoever. Furthermore, 1 in 20 Brits have invested in cryptocurrency without fully understanding it, and only 5 percent have taken advice from a financial adviser when investing in cryptocurrencies.  These statistics led a report in the Daily Express.

Nearly one quarter (23%) of those who have invested before, prefer to invest in stocks and shares than in any form of cryptocurrency (seven percent). Moreover, three times the amount of investors prefer to finance alternative investments (18%) than use cryptocurrencies as an investment option (six percent). 

Startlingly, less than a fifth (18%) of respondents believe that they have an understanding of cryptocurrency. Over a quarter of those surveyed (27%) believe that SME investments are a more stable investment than cryptocurrency.  Our research was featured in a wider piece on the financial website of the year, This is Money, as part of a wider report into the fluctuation of the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum coins.

IW Capital’s CEO Luke Davies and his comments were also featured alongside a piece of research from the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association in The Times, as part of their Brexit commentary, headlined, ‘We would remain in EU now, say small companies.’

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