IW Capital Launches New Debt Arm to Support Investor Demand

21st October 2016

Since Britain announced that it would be leaving the European Union, the economy has entered a transitional period of structural readjustment. Part of this adjustment has been spurred by the Bank of England’s decision to cut interest rates to a record low 0.25%. To find out how British investors have been adjusting to these new market conditions, IW Capital asked a nationally representative sample of 2,000 UK consumers and investors about their attitudes towards alternative finance.

Our research provided a timely insight into the outlook of British investors. Importantly, it found that investor sentiment towards alternative finance was resoundingly high, with 15.4 million Brits looking to alternative finance investment in the coming 12 months. While this demonstrates the positive sentiment British investors hold towards SMEs, almost half of respondents said that they do not feel informed enough about alternative finance to know whether they can factor this into their investment plans. Clearly, investor awareness needs to be enhanced by government and industry bodies.

These illuminating findings have been the source of much press attention this week, featured in publications including Business Insider, Bdaily, Crowdfund Insider and Professional Advisor. With investors seeking to incorporate SME investment into their current financial strategy, the demand for all forms of alternative finance options is likely to increase. In 2015, the alternative finance industry grew by £3.2 billion – a year-on-year increase of 84%.

With banks failing to offer competitive returns, record low interest rates have created a new wave of investment and finance opportunities across Britain. To complement our delivery of equity investment into British SMEs and meet future investor demand, IW Capital has launched a new service facilitating private debt-based investment into scale-up companies across the UK.

We have bolstered our team with experienced credit analysts to source the best debt-investment opportunities in established and profitable businesses. This latest arm of IW Capital ensures our network of SME investors are able to develop a tailored investment strategy spanning across debt and equity.

To find out more about the debt investment services we are offering, speak to a member of the IW Capital team.

Alternatively, join Access 42 today to enjoy a preemptive review of our upcoming SME investment opportunities spanning both debt and equity.