IW Capital prepares to launch new funding round for WeSwap

21st July 2017

The UK is globally renowned for its vibrant community of financial technology scale-ups. As a result, the fintech industry has become one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors, adding more than £6.6 billion to country’s economy and attracting more than £500 million of investment to date. With London recently being crowned Europe’s number one hub for tech investment, IW Capital is delighted to be supporting one of the capital’s brightest fintech businesses that is redefining the way people manage their currency exchange: WeSwap.

By providing flexible, rapid and responsive services, alternative finance offers SMEs an opportunity to overcome stringent lending regulations that hinder their future growth prospects. Peer-to-peer travel money exchange service WeSwap is an ideal example of a disruptive company whose success has relied on private investment.

Since 2014, IW Capital has been a proud supporter of the company, leading the Series A funding round and supporting CEO Jared Jesner through various stages of significant progression and growth. With a network of nearly 300,000 users and the platform exchanging up to £10 million each month, the scale and pace of WeSwap’s growth has cemented its position as one of the country’s leading fintech talents.

As part of its ongoing success, IW Capital is excited to announce the upcoming launch of an equity funding round for WeSwap. With recent IW Capital research revealing that over six million investors consider innovation and technological advancements to be the UK’s two greatest economic strengths, this funding round will give investors the opportunity to act on their positive sentiment and support a rapidly rising UK brand.

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