15th February 2016

The arrival of the New Year has brought with it a series of targeted initiatives at IW Capital – a priority of which is knowledge sharing. We appreciate the complex nature of both the EIS and wider tax-planning landscape, sectors that can only be capitalised on effectively with timely, accurate information and contextual support. In order to bring a selection of our in-house insights to the forefront of our readers’ investment sources, today we launch our brand new website.

To ensure that our investor network and the companies that build our portfolio are equipped with topical news and relevant knowledge, we regularly carry out research into the investment landscape and the motivations of the investor and entrepreneur communities. The analysis we continue to develop will be hosted in our new IW Library, which will serve as an interactive portal, displaying a suite of in-depth intellectual property. Our upcoming content will include:

  • Up-to-date government legislation and regulatory shifts in relation to tax-planning and investment value
  • Research reports driven by quantitative data that dissects the motivations of like-minded investors and entrepreneurs
  • Fiscal reviews and policy updates – with a focus on wider investor related implications
  • Trends analysis – discussing the future potential of high-growth sectors, based on retrospective facts and statistical examination
  • Business Britain – regular updates on the peaks and dips of our expanding SME community
  • Opinion and commentary from our team of leading private equity and investment specialists
  • Portfolio updates relating to our SME network and their defining milestones

The new IW Capital site will serve as a central resource designed to keep Britain’s business-minded individuals abreast of changes and current events, so they are ideally placed to capitalise on the developments taking place. Our IW Library will host all of the industry reports that we produce, in addition to weekly blogs, videos, infographics and expert insights.

Visitors to the new site will also gain a greater understanding of IW Capital and the team behind it. You can read the profiles of our team of private equity experts here. We have also developed an infographic that provides a detailed run-through of exactly how we work when sourcing and managing the very best tax efficient investment opportunities right through to an eventual exit.

The new website also features a host of national, global and trade coverage that our content and comments have secured.

We hope you enjoy the new website and we look forward to sharing all of our future content with you as it is published throughout 2016.