IW Capital Reveals the Fears and Aspirations of UK Investors in 2017

10th February 2017

The United Kingdom’s economic resilience in the months following the Brexit announcement and setting of interest rates to a record low has defied initial industry forecasts. With the Bank of England recently upgrading its 2017 growth forecasts to 2%, the nation’s private sector has continued to drive national productivity.

Following on from what has been one of the most politically eventful years of the 21st century, 2017 offers significant opportunities for British investors. These opening months of the year are an ideal time for investors to reflect and develop a financial strategy that takes into account current events and their likely impact on the nation’s investment landscape. Moreover, with the new tax year just two months away, now is the ideal time for investors to assess the options available to them in the months that lie ahead.

To reveal how investors are planning their financial strategy, IW Capital has launched the 2017 Investor Index. Having surveyed 1,000 UK investors about their fears and aspirations, the report’s findings reveal just how investors are managing their investment portfolio over the next 12 months in light of the shock events of 2016, including their attitudes towards Brexit, Theresa May, Donald Trump and interest rates.

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Our research has revealed that UK investors are entering 2017 ready to embrace new possibilities that are emerging as a result of last year’s political and economic events, which one in ten investors say will impact their future investment strategies more than any other factor. Specifically, the survey unveiled that 2.21 million investors across Britain are moving into 2017 with a greater risk appetite and are seeking new investment classes.

Furthermore, British investors have demonstrated that they are resoundingly confident in the future growth prospects of the UK’s private sector. While the nation may be in a state of transformation, it is clear that a large portion of investors hold positive sentiment towards Britain’s bustling community of scaling businesses, with 6.62 million stating that Britain’s entrepreneurs and private sector business leaders will continue to play a critical role driving economic growth.

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