IW Capital reveals HNW investor sentiment towards the Conservative-DUP Government

13th July 2017

The snap General Election held in June was a defining moment in UK politics, delivering a hung parliament and an eventful period of political negotiations. Under the leadership of Theresa May, the Conservative Party looked to Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to form a minority Government responsible for leading the UK over the next five years. The ensuing confidence and supply agreement between Theresa May and DUP has delivered greater political certainty for investors, particularly those actively pursuing debt and equity SME investment opportunities. With Brexit negotiations now unfolding and the newly-formed Government laying down the policy foundations for its five-year term, IW Capital has surveyed 1,100 investors to uncover what they think the Conservative-DUP partnership will mean for their personal wealth and the country’s economy.

The findings from the research were resoundingly positive, revealing a community of investors overwhelmingly confident in the Government’s ability to protect their financial interests. It found that 59% of UK HNW investors – the equivalent of 2.1 million people across the nation – think the new-look Government will make them richer over the next five years. Investors living in London were similarly positive, with 54% of people in the capital agreeing with this sentiment – both ranking above the national average of 51%. You can read the full findings from the report by registering as a member of Access 42, here.

It is vital during the current period of political and economic transition, that those who hold significant investment capability are supported in their financial intentions. The nation’s HNW investors serve tremendous value in catalysing and sustaining economic momentum and the positive sentiment uncovered in this research is encouraging. With confidence in the Government’s economic approach evidently high, it is critical that investors are supported and educated so they can seize the investment opportunities on offer across the country’s diverse private sector – something that will be particularly important as Brexit negotiations unfold over the coming 24 months.

IW Capital’s sector agnostic portfolio of high-growth scale-ups ensures our community of HNW investors have ongoing access to tier 1 investment opportunities across the UK. Supported by an executive team with over 50 years’ experience in SME investment, IW Capital will support its investors so they are ideally placed to capitalise on the national hotbed of entrepreneurial activity in both traditional and new-age sectors.