IW Capital reveals latest opportunities

12th April 2018

A new report by KPMG has found that, during the first quarter of 2018, UK SMEs secured over £700m, or $1bn, of VC funding. The report also highlighted KPMG’s prediction that the most significant fintech VC investments this year are likely to be into AI-related technologies. In response to this shifting technological landscape, the Government has made a number of prominent changes to investment legislation – such as the Chancellor’s doubling of the EIS cap for knowledge intensive companies – which aim to raise the levels of funding available to SMEs that operate within new age sectors. The Government has also announced the opening of a consultation into the creation of knowledge-intensive funds, which would further increase the opportunities for investors to invest into some of the country’s most exciting SMEs.

Having provided vital growth capital to some of the UK’s most promising scaling businesses via equity funding under the EIS and SEIS schemes, and through secured loans via their debt arm, for the best part of a decade, IW Capital are proud to continue supporting the UK SME community through our two most recent opportunities with Ubamarket and Hill and Friends.

Ubamarket is a revolutionary, award-winning, in-store retail app which guides shoppers to their items, enables them to scan as they shop, links directly to their loyalty card and has a rapid in-app payment/e-receipt system, making the in-store experience easier, faster, frictionless and more personalised. It also provides retailers with their own white label, end-to-end ‘scan and go’ in-store app. A high-tech, low-cost and highly scalable solution that’s simple to implement and simultaneously revolutionises both their business and the shopping experience for their customers. The app results in higher levels of loyalty, more frequent store visits, reduced overheads, less dependency on expensive hardware and a proven 21% increase in basket size.

Hill and Friends is a brand that produces exceptionally crafted and luxuriously functional bags, each affirmed with a subversive wink. Combining luxurious linings with refined practical details, Hill and Friends is committed to producing bags that balance everyday functionality with timeless sophistication. Using the highest quality materials, each bag is crafted with a meticulous attention to detail and subject to a rigorous multi-stage prototyping process before the first samples are made, tested and improved again.

To learn more about IW Capital’s live opportunities, or about any future investment opportunities, as we move into the the new tax year, speak to a member of our team on 020 7015 2250, or email info@iwcapital.co.uk