IW Capital Ring in the New Year Amidst Record Levels of SME Investment

10th January 2018

As we enter the new year, we at IW Capital would like to extend our personal best wishes to you for a fantastic 2018. Following on from what was an outstanding year for British business, January has commenced with the announcement that tech firms based in London have secured as much VC funding as all of the firms based in Germany, France, Spain and Italy combined. The figures are testament to an unwavering trajectory for investment into the UK private sector, a shift we at IW Capital are whole-heartedly supporting in 2018 and beyond. True to our directed objectives for the year ahead, our full portfolio of equity, debt and EIS opportunities provide our investors with the best of the UK’s SME opportunities, ensuring we continue to preserve and grow its benchmark record for SME investment as a core priority.

Next week will see the launch of our first report of the year – The Vested Investor Report 2018. With a directed focus on the motivations that inspire the UK’s population of investors in 2018, the nationally representative data will evaluate how societal responsibility, ethical concerns, environmental impact and personal interests now influence the investment decisions of the nation’s new-age investor.

Commissioned amidst an upsurge of tech-innovation and newly emerging sectors forming a vital foundation of our private sector, the enlightening body of data evaluates the rise of a more ethically-aware investor for the year ahead. See this and future reports by joining IWC’s exclusive community – Access 42.

To find out more about IW Capital’s upcoming reports or investment opportunities, speak to a member of the IW Capital team on 020 7015 2250, or email info@iwcapital.co.uk