IW Capital speaks to MoneyWeek and Forbes on the impact of Brexit on UK SMEs

19th February 2018

2018 is set to be a year full of unmissable events, from the ongoing Brexit negotiations to the implementation of the patient capital review changes announced by the Chancellor in the 2017 Autumn Budget.

This past week IW Capital CEO Luke Davis has been speaking on a number of topical issues with the press, including the role of Small and Medium Enterprises in post-Brexit Britain. Speaking to Dr Matthew Partridge, Senior Writer at MoneyWeek, Luke used the interview as a great opportunity to reassert the importance of SMEs as employers, wealth creators and innovators. Commenting on how the Government can go further in its support for the sector, he said that while the doubling of the EIS cap for knowledge-intensive companies at the Autumn Budget was a step in the right direction, “it is important that smaller firms are supported through the tax system and through grants” and that SMEs in particular would “welcome any trade opportunities that would make it easier to do business”. He also reflected on how IW Capital has successfully navigated the post-Brexit arena, saying that “there has been no appreciable negative impact on IW Capital so far since the referendum eighteen months ago”. You can read the whole interview here: https://moneyweek.com/brexit-must-be-tailored-for-the-needs-of-small-businesses/

Alongside this, Luke was also featured in Forbes, discussing how the doubling of the EIS cap for knowledge-intensive companies will change the scale-up investment arena and how the cautious uncertainty that followed in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit referendum is being replaced by a spirit of entrepreneurship. Speaking to Trevor Clawson, Forbes’ Features Writer, Luke said that IW Capital has taken on more investors than ever before, and that Brexit was a great opportunity to create brand new avenues of innovation in the UK. Read the full article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevorclawson/2018/01/31/knowledge-intensive-companies-begin-to-see-benefits-of-uk-investment-tax-relief-changes/2/

Alongside these interviews, IW Capital this week released our latest report – The Vested Investor Report 2018. The nationally representative body of data has evaluated whether investors in the UK are mirroring the same evolving set of investment aspirations as apparent in the United States, and whether the rise of the UK’s unparalleled suite of emerging tech sectors will continue to influence national investment agendas for the year ahead. See this and future reports by joining IWC’s exclusive community – Access 42.