IW Capital unveils new SME opportunities

4th May 2018

Having provided vital growth capital to a sector and location agnostic portfolio of the UK’s high-growth businesses via equity funding under the EIS and SEIS schemes, and through secured loans via our debt arm, IW Capital are proud to continue supporting innovative UK business- including such as WeSwap and Hill and Friends.

Serving as the world’s first peer to peer travel money platform, the company’s phenomenal rise to success presents an exemplary growth story for UK fintech, reinforced by their recent milestone of £120 million in global transactions to date. In the four years since it was founded, WeSwap has grown its user-base dramatically, expanded the range of currencies that can be exchanged on its platform and cemented its position at the forefront of UK fintech innovation.

Last week saw them feature in the Express on Sunday and This is Money, while this week they were featured in the Daily Express. Releasing their new research report into the amount of money lost by holidaymakers to ATM fees each year, WeSwap found that UK holidaymakers were charged £125million per year by the convenient, but costly, airport ATMs.

In a recent Deloitte report, it wast revealed that the world’s 100 largest luxury goods companies generated sales of US$212 billion in FY2015, contextualised by the average sales for a Top 100 luxury goods company now weighing in at US$2.1 billion. Consumers in emerging markets continue to drive luxury market growth, with China, Russia and the United Arab Emirates presenting a 70% increase in luxury spending compared to 53% in the more mature markets.

A brand that champions true excellence in British design, the company produces exceptionally crafted and luxuriously functional bags, combining high-quality linings with refined practical details. Using the highest quality materials, each bag is crafted with a meticulous attention to detail and subject to a rigorous multi-stage prototyping process before the first samples are made, tested and improved again.

To learn more about IW Capital’s live opportunities, or about any future investment opportunities, as we move into the the new tax year, speak to a member of our team on 020 7015 2250, or email info@iwcapital.co.uk