Making the best of Brexit

9th January 2019

In a period of great change for the UK economy and private sector, it can be easy to get caught up in the media rhetoric of Brexit. However, we have seen time and time again that Britain’s entrepreneurial economy is well-equipped to deal with these challenges and emerge as Brexit resilient and internationally facing world leaders.

After a December that promised much in the way of clarification, a deal, a meaningful vote and real idea of the plan for the EU divorce, we are essentially in the same position as before with a vote now set to take place on the 15thof January. This uncertainty has dominated the media cycle for months but it is important to remember that Brexit’s bark could well be worse than its bite for private sector businesses and especially for SMEs that have already come through challenges before and remain strong.

Small businesses are known for their ability to be nimble and adapt to changes. Whilst uncertainty can be difficult to deal with, there are many ways to deal with problems that arise case-by-case rather than looking at Brexit uncertainty as one big, insurmountable problem. IW Capital is consistently seeing that investor sentiment is buoyant especially towards the SME arena, which has experienced an upward trend that extends back to the financial crisis.

Each new way of doing business with the EU will surely have parallels with previous experience dealing with other nations outside the single market. In this way, Non-Executive Directors can offer a huge advantage to small businesses by using the experience gained from years of work and dealing with similar situations and challenges. This experience will help to navigate SMEs through the uncharted waters of Brexit and will be invaluable not only to the companies themselves but to the wider SME sector and UK economy.

IW Capital are looking for Non-Executive Directors who are interested in investment opportunities; to consider on a deal-by-deal basis new portfolio companies who are looking for investment. They cater for both capital growth and more secure income-generating investment opportunities. Moreover, IWC allow investors to specifically handpick individual companies through the portfolio model approach and become involved if appropriate. They are looking for experienced investors who will assist their SME’s in growing and transforming into successful, profitable companies. If you are interested in finding out more about these opportunities, please get in contact with IW Capital to see how we can help you.