New age tech solving age-old problems in the UK

29th August 2018

Since the turn of the 21st century, our interactions with new age technologies have accelerated dramatically. We all have a computer in our pockets, save our documents into the cloud, and even pay for items with smart devices such as watches and bracelets.

IW Capital are committed to providing their network with investment opportunities in companies at the cutting edge of new technology. These businesses, that were inconceivable 20 years ago, are tackling age-old problems and solving them with the assistance of IW Capital’s expert network.

Britain’s tech sector is at the forefront of international research, development, and investment. This has provided an unprecedented venture capital opportunity in the SME market, especially among companies readily adapting to newly available technology.

So far this year, three companies within IW Capital’s portfolio have centred on New Age Tech and benefited from IW Capital’s involvement; these include EOS Leisure, Ubamarket, and WeSwap.

EOS Leisure Group services the electronic cigarette and e-liquid manufacturing industry. EOS is unique as they are one of two companies in the UK to have Branding, Manufacturing and Research and Development under one banner. Established in May 2013, they were one of the first to market in the UK and has established itself as one of the leading experts in the e-cigarette industry, as sales increased 16x between 2015 and 2017.

Ubamarket is revolutionising the supermarket shopping experience by bringing technological advances into the physical food hall. Incorporating in-app payments, loyalty cards, real time offers, product scanning, list preparation and store mapping, Ubamarket, as a white label solution for supermarkets, is driving the grocery store into the 21st century.

WeSwap is a peer-to-peer currency swapping service that offers travellers preferential rates on foreign currency by swapping it with travellers coming the other way. With a preloaded travel card, travellers have a transparent and secure experience, with no hidden fees and the fairest, most competitive, rates. With no leftover foreign bank notes and an app that allows you to swap, send and monitor your money, WeSwap are massively disrupting the travel FX space.