New pledge will drive small businesses into London

21st October 2020

The City of London Corporation has recently announced a new pledge to “reinvent itself” by encouraging small businesses to re-enter the city centre. In a bid to reinvigorate the city, the City of London Corporation has set out a five year plan to motivate businesses and artists to return to the capital as the economy begins to recover. By 2025, the City hopes that a fifth of tenants in the Square Mile will be new.


The Coronavirus pandemic has been tough for the business world, and in particular for small firms. There have been those businesses, however, who have successfully pivoted their offering to overcome the impact of the pandemic – perhaps by creating an online presence, for example. In fact, there have even been new sectors born from the pandemic, such as PPE, and other have seen a huge surge, including MedTech.


With over 50 years of collective experience in SME investment, offering both debt and equity investment opportunities into scaling SMEs, IW Capital understand the importance of providing infrastructure and opportunity to start-ups in order to attract investment and ensure London’s future as a hub for business.


This new pledge by the City of London Corporation is a welcome sight. SMEs have withstood the pandemic with the utmost resilience, and the pledge to provide affordable workspace and access to basic infrastructure is a huge step in attracting start-ups and SMEs to the city during these tough times. SMEs make up over 99% of the UK’s private sector, meaning that their success is intrinsically linked to the recovery of the nation as a whole.


This truly is a great step forward and one that is sure to encourage investment into some exciting new businesses and enable significant opportunities for growth, especially if tax-efficient schemes, such as the Enterprise Investment Scheme, are utilised.


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