Potential boom sectors after Brexit

4th July 2019

Brexit has created uncertainty and debate for over three years now, leading to potential problems and a certain reticence in the world of business. However much like any other major economic or political event, there will undoubtedly be sectors and businesses that benefit from the changes.

In much the same way as FinTech was created, existing sectors will be disrupted, and new ones created to tackle problems that arise. Many FinTech innovations were born from a lack of trust of banks and traditional sources of financial services. Since 2008 seven of these businesses have gone on to reach a billion-dollar valuation or ‘Unicorn’ status.

Unicorns refer to start-ups that have reached what many perceive to be the holy grail of a $1billion valuation. In terms of producing these companies, the UK is the third best place in the world behind only the US and China. In 2018, 13 companies reached this valuation in the UK, bring the total number to 72. Many of these companies are FinTechs born of the financial crash. It seems likely that in a few years’ time we may be discussing an even greater number of companies reaching this milestone with a contribution from new and growing sectors.

The first sector that looks set to benefit is regulation and regulation technology. With Brexit there are going to be more problems to solve, and entrepreneurs are going to come along and innovate. Everything will get more complicated with import and export, say, and some smart man or woman will come along and solve it.

RegTech has already been impacted – perhaps indirectly – by the financial crash, as an increased amount of regulation and legislation led to the birth of many innovative solutions to keep financial services at such a high pace.

Since this time, it is clear to see the rise of this sector within financial services, with over 300 companies working with Financial Services firms in a variety of sectors. Each of these dealing with a specific problem that is ever evolving and often becoming more complex.

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