SMEs on the international stage

7th September 2018

This week, parliament has returned from its summer recess amidst the looming date of Britain leaving the EU. Theresa May has also returned from her trip to Africa where trade deals were confirmed with six southern African nations. In light of these developments, IW Capital is keen to look at UK investor sentiment towards the global relevance of UK SMEs since Brexit.  

The UK Business Angel Association has recently conducted nationally representative research across 1206 investors. The research reveals an increasing disposition for international scalability when it comes to technology investments. With 13 million investors looking to invest in drone tech in 2018 – more than any other new-age tech – a further four and a half million now actively look for an international outlook before making an investment decision.

Furthermore, a quarter of investors said that an international outlook from SMEs is important when considering whether to invest. More than 10% said that having IP/infrastructure that can be scaled globally is important when considering whether to invest or not in an SME.

A vital component to international scalability planning can be having the contacts that allow you to expand beyond the British shores. A Non-Executive Director (NED) could be the answer to this. With experience, contacts, and objectivity, a NED can bring many of the assets to your business to help plan its future international scalability directives.  

IW Capital is keen to help SMEs that need assistance to plan for the future and match them with the right kind of influencer who can help them reach the next level. If you are a NED looking to get involved in your next SME and have experience in international scaling, get in contact with IW Capital to see how we can help you find your next NED position.

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