Taking advantage of the UK’s innovative industries

4th August 2017

A new report released by KPMG this week has revealed that Brexit could trigger a new wave of innovation across the fintech industry. According to new figures, the total volume of investment in the UK’s fintech sector during the second quarter of 2017 totalled £1.1 billion – an increase of more than £750 million on Q2 2016’s figures. With the UK now ranked third in the world behind the US and China in regards to the total volume of capital investment into fintech, investors are evidently optimistic towards to the long-term growth prospects of the industry in disrupting traditional financial services.

Championing the UK’s leading position as a hub of fintech innovation, the University of Oxford announced this week that it will be launching an online short course in fintech to ensure business executives are aware of the leading financial services functions are based around tech. The course will examine the practical impact of fintech on money, markets, marketplaces and infrastructure. Educational initiatives such as this are vital in promoting wider societal awareness of fintech so that businesses are able to employ more efficient practices.

Recent research revealed that 57% of UK investors believe entrepreneurs and SMEs will be the champions of the UK’s post-Brexit economy, with heightened global trading and export opportunities defining hopes of SME growth. As the country prepares for its withdrawal from the European Union, IW Capital will offer its investors leading investment opportunities into high-growth industries such as fintech, identifying SMEs across innovative new age sectors with immense scale-up potential. One of our portfolio companies – WeSwap – is a prime example of this; the company is redefining the peer-to-peer currency exchange space, and we have some exciting news about WeSwap that we are looking forward to sharing with you over the coming weeks.

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