The importance of international scalability

23rd January 2019

As we approach the date at which we are due to leave the EU, the importance of international scalability has scarcely been more prominent for UK companies and SMEs in particular. It has been a dramatic period of Brexit rhetoric and hyperbole, not to mention the rejection of Theresa May’s Brexit deal, with this in mind it remains clear that UK SMEs are absolutely vital to the success of the economy moving forward from this vote.

The UK’s private sector has always been robust and more than capable of tackling any challenge. Brexit could be used as an opportunity for dynamic and nimble small businesses to grow and thrive. An important facet to this growth will surely be the global market for both products and services, as well as intellectual property such data and innovative solutions.

Ensuring their continued success and growth by way of securing routes of finance and investment at key growth junctures will be of the utmost importance. Alongside this, the guidance of those experienced in dealing with adversity in business will be of great importance.

The opportunity of international scalability offers huge growth potential to both future-facing small businesses, as well as medium-sized, more established, companies. IW Capital’s portfolio includes a host of examples of this kind of forward thinking, innovative business.

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