The power of the group: investing well together

4th February 2021

In the past few weeks investment and the price of shares have dominated the non-Covid news cycle with retail investors from the social media platform, Reddit, driving up the price of US video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer GameStop. The rise came following a significant amount of short-selling of GameStop shares by hedge funds and large investors which later boosted demand as they bought shares to cover their losses.

This market altering behaviour demonstrates the power that groups of people – in this case investors – have to make a difference in the world where an individual would not be able to. This applies not only to market conditions and reducing carbon emissions but also to the opportunities afforded to groups rather than to the individual.

At IW Capital, we combine the interests of individual investors so our clients can gain access to opportunities that have traditionally been the domain of large private equity funds or institutions. We negotiate and co-ordinate the investment on behalf of the group. The ‘power of the group’ allows us to structure attractive investments and offer opportunities to invest which may not be available to single investors.

We have supported numerous companies and offered our clients a myriad of investment opportunities as a result of this. One example is BorrowMyDoggy, a young, innovative business that has created a trusted community of almost 300k members and is a leading light in the UK sharing economy. This also applies to Transcend Packaging, who we invested in this year, offering clients the chance to support what is now one of the UK’s fastest growing small businesses.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) continues to be one of the best ways for investors to support high-growth small businesses in a tax-efficient way, and we have seen tremendous demand from our clients, even during the pandemic, to drive forward the UK’s private sector through the scheme.

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