UK private equity and venture capital leads Europe to record first half of 2019

5th September 2019

New statistics released this week show that the UK’s private equity and venture capital market is leading Europe toward a record year for private investment. UK-based firms raised €4.3bn of VC funding during the first six months of 2019 – over double the €2.1bn seen in the same period in 2018, and the most of any European country.

Overall, European VC looks set to pass the amount raised in 2018 by the end of September signalling abundant confidence in the market. The UK also accounted for 56% of European PE deal value in the first half of 2019, putting it firmly at the forefront of the EU’s record year for this kind of investment.

This may come as a surprise to many given the current climate of political uncertainty, but for us this is absolutely in line with the desire that our investor base has to invest in privately held small businesses.

There is more appetite than ever from investors for this kind of funding as shown in the record value of deals; similarly, the increased amount of deals in the UK reflects the ambition we have seen from entrepreneurs and SMEs to grow and scale. Innovation and disruption will continue to offer opportunities for growth whatever the weather, the key is confidence in supporting them in this endeavour.

This support will form the basis of what is a key part of the UK economy. Growing small businesses leads to job creation and increased tax revenues for the treasury as well as fantastic returns for the investors who back them.

IW Capital is keen to help SMEs that need assistance to plan for the future and find the right kind of investment in order to help them reach the next level.

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