Enterprise Investment Scheme

IW Capital is a leading private investment house facilitating both senior debt and tax-efficient equity investment into the UK’s high-quality community of growing SMEs

IW Capital offers both tax-efficient equity investment opportunities (through the Enterprise Investment Scheme) and senior debt lending opportunities in growing UK companies.

IW Capital focuses on originating, structuring, managing and leading tax-efficient investment and senior debt opportunities for our expansive network of high net-worth individuals, ultra-high net-worth individuals, family offices, wealth managers and IFAs. With an executive team boasting over 50 years collective experience in SME investment, IW Capital is renowned for its leading expertise in tax-efficient equity investment through the EIS and providing debt funding to SMEs. Our company portfolio is sector agnostic, and we take an active interest in managing investor interest through the regular provision of in-depth company reports and market updates.

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For a detailed overview of the tax-efficient equity and senior debt opportunities currently on offer, download a copy of IW Capital’s company brochure.